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Voice Protection as a Service



VoIP Fraud, Security, Troubleshooting and Analytics

  • Realtime VoIP monitoring

  • Multi-tenant capabilities

Custom DC Power, UPS and Other Standby Power Solutions

  • Micro UPS Series: FTTx battery backup, world's smallest form factor UPS & Patent Pending stackable battery technology for 24+ hours of standby time.

  • Micro Vision Smart Battery System: delivers efficient & clean long-life battery backup solution to 48Vdc Telecommunication systems.

Battery Solutions for Telecommunications

  • Unigy I, Unigy II, and Fahrenheit product lines

  • Exclusive IPF® Technology optimizes power capacity, cell consistency, and long-term reliability

  • AGM technology to eliminate periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, & spills

Proactive Environmental Monitoring

  • Power, Temperature, Humidity,  Water Sensors

  • Solutions for all Types of Facilities Size, Type and Budget


OEM Solutions Upgrades (IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco, etc.)

  • SFPs, memory, SSD, cables (Bend Fiber)

  • Does NOT VOID warranty

  • Huge cost savings

Datacenter, Headend, Central Office Solutions

  • Full line of both fiber and copper cabling solutions

  • Racks, cabinets, cable runway, aisle containment, and power distribution

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