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Fiber/OSP Solutions

Fiber Cleaning Solutions

  • Industry-leading in fiber cleaning

    • Swabs, wipes, spray, kits

  • Tools for all interfaces types

Fiber Test Solutions

Brought to you by:
  • Fiber Troubleshooting tools

    • OTDR’s, Light source, Power meter, Video inspection

  • IP Ethernet testers


High Density Polyethylene Pipe

  • HPDE for direction drilling, trenching, micro-trenching, and plowing

  • Variety of sizes along with custom options

Grounding and Cathodic Protection Solutions

  • Corrosion proof, easy installation, improved network reliability

  • Environmentally friendly

Signs and Marking Solutions

  • Buried cable markers, warning flags, traffic control

  • Sound barrier walls

Cleaning and Lubrication Technologies

Polywater Logo_wTagline_RGB_2color.png
  • Cable cleaners & cable pulling lubricants

  • BonDuit sealant

  • GrimeAway hand & tool cleaner

  • AirRepair cable leak sealants

  • PedFloor structural sealant barrier


Gas Monitoring Applications

  • Featuring the GX-2009: the world's smallest four gas monitor

Portable Pressurized Washer

  • Portable Shower Solutions

  • Wash hands, tools, equipment and more

End to End Fiber Optic Technology

Clearline SSF
  • Bulk Fiber

  • Tools

  • Connectivity

  • Hardware

Proactive Environmental Monitoring

  • Power, Temperature, Humidity,  Water Sensors

  • Solutions for all Types of Facilities Size, Type and Budget

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