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Field Testing Solutions

Diagnose, Prevent and Predict Failures in Electrical Transmission.


Advanced Inspection Solutions

  • Inspection of transmission lines and substation components

  • Easy and intuitive, like video cameras

Fiber Test Solutions

Brought to you by:
  • Fiber Troubleshooting tools

    • OTDR’s, Light source, Power meter, Video inspection

  • IP Ethernet testers

Real-Time Monitoring with Zero Performance Degradation or Disruption

  • Full transparency allows the user to use optical TAPs for all protocols or data rates up to 400 Gbit

  • Compatible with 1G SR, 1G LR, 10G SR, 10G LR, 40G LR4, 100G LR4, 400G FR4 and 400G LR4

  • No power supply is needed

  • Flexible and scalable


Wireless and Wireline Simulation, Emulation, and Conformance

  • Conformance, feature, and load testing for VoIP, Wireless, and next generation networks (NGN).

  • 2-5G Test Solutions for Wireless – Full Network Coverage

  • UE Emulation, VoLTE Testing, IMS, RCS, PSTN, SIP

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