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Sales and Channel Development Service

Channel Sales Management


Global Telecom Partners, LLC specializes in Developing a North American Market presence for Telecom Product Companies

We sell your products.  We find and hire the right salespeople.  We train and manage the salespeople.  We are a compliment to your existing direct sales team.

We are a Market Development and Manufacturers Representation company providing a cost-effective, quick, and agile solution for building your companies business.

Outsource Sales Force Advantage


  • Sales costs tied directly to revenue

  • One source for hiring, managing & training

  • Standardized results reporting

  • Broader market penetration

  • Multi-faceted sales team

  • Dedicated, single point of contact

  • Stronger local customer relationships

  • CRM / pipeline / forecasting system in use


Enterprise Visibility

Startup entering into a new markets

Connect to the right people

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Disciplined & detailed forecasting

  • Product specific training

  • Reps closer-to-the-customer

  • Shared market development intelligence

  • Increased sales revenue levels

  • Continuity across all geographies

  • Lower cost per sale


  • Definition of Target Market

  • Where does it make sense to target first?

  • Existing, defined “Products” to allow market focus

  • Prioritize targets with existing synergies

  • Utilize existing relationships

  • Mapping of these organizations – Engineering, Information Tech, Customer service, Marketing

  • Sync with existing/past market campaign

  • Understand competition and market share

  • Identifying potential opportunities

  • Understand your market position, benefits, weakness


  • Solution training

  • Prep for campaign launch

  • Prioritize Activities, Targets

  • Set Goals

  • Launch Campaign

  • Focus on building activity in target market

  • Refine Campaign – Targets, solution, tactics

  • Streamlined Campaign


  • A professional business & market development function.

  • A formal, managed CRM & sales pipeline system implemented to drive your business.

  • A formal and structured forecasting process.

  • Real-time opportunity tracking and reporting.

  • E-Mailings, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, etc.

  • Scheduled monthly emailers

  • Identify “rifle shot” individual accounts within target sectors and attack.

  • Utilize Zoom Info and Sales Navigator

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