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When it Comes to Wireless, We've Got Your Covered

Global Telecom Partners—Committed to Your Success from Start to Finish


As experts in the wireless space, GTP is committed to providing you with the tools you need, when you need them. We understand the challenges associated with building, operating and maintaining wireless systems, and we offer a portfolio of products and services that have been selected to help ensure your success.


Solutions for all Stages

RF Communications Solutions

  • 700/800 MHz P25 infrastructure

  • Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA)

  • 4/5G Mobile XHaul

  • Monitoring and time synchronization

Grounding and Cathodic Protection Solutions

  • Corrosion proof, easy install

  • Improves network reliability

  • Environmentally friendly

Wireless Test Solutions:

  • Field/Lab solutions for base station, cable antenna analyzers, spectrum analyzers

  • Fiber backhaul solutions

  • Full suite of emulation, simulation, conformance for 3-5G the lab testing


RS Composite Poles

  • Reliable, modular, easy to transport

  • Multiple colors and configurations

  • Maintenance-free, long life, easy installation

RF Over Fiber Solutions

  • High performance analog RF to fiber converter

  • Long distance transport

  • remote antenna, radar, government, broadcast, satellite applications

Additional Services:

  • Kitting, staging and testing of equipment

  • Custom RF solutions

  • TAAS – testing as a service

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