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GTP Represents Ofil in US

Global Telecom Partners has been selected to represent Ofil Systems in the United States as

part of Ofil’s international representation program.  

Ofil’s DayCor® technology changes the way utilities deal with corona problems by enabling

intuitive inspection, detection and reporting of electrical failures.  The monitoring technology can be critical for Utilities to comply with local, state, and federal regulations. 

“We’re excited to represent Ofil in the United States”, said Kevin Serfass, president of Global

Telecom Partners. “Monitoring and detecting leakages in the energy transmission network is

vitally important to utilities and their customers. Ofil offers a unique solution, similar to a video

camera, that can be carried or mounted on trucks, drones or helicopters.”

“Experienced distributors who understand the local market are integral to the success of Ofil”,

said Dale Morrison, CEO of Ofil USA. “Global Telecom Partners are proven experts in the areas

of fiber, wireless, and testing technologies.  We are glad to have them as part of our network.

About Ofil

Ofil is the world-leading manufacturer of optical and digital UV detection and imaging

technology. Ofil develops and sells innovative solutions that are being used worldwide to

monitor electrical installations and environmental hazards. Our digital inspection systems are

indispensable for the diagnosis, prevention and prediction of electrical failures. Our special UV

imaging systems are beneficial for the mapping of offshore oil-spill spread and for controlling

their cleaning effectiveness.

Ofil uses its UV optical proprietary expertise to keep on developing UV enhanced imaging

solutions, responding to the changing needs of the global electrical grid. Throughout the years,

Ofil gained worldwide recognition for our innovative, quality and responsive approach. Learn

more at 

About Global Telecom Partners

Global Telecom Partners extends your existing sales force, helping to increase sales, improve

market coverage and add sales visibility. Committed to our customer’s success, the Global

Telecom of professionals brings over 150 years of real-world sales expertise. With experience in telecommunications, wireless, fiber, field, and lab testing, we understand the intricacies of

complex technology and bring significant experience in channel management.  Learn more at


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