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Reasons your in-house sales team may not be enough

A successful sales organization is a critical component to driving growth for any business. For businesses just beginning to execute on their growth plans, an internal sales force may not be able to deliver value rapidly enough or broadly enough to reach your revenue goals. Often the time needed to build the sales team and establish a pipeline delays the ability of the company to reach targets.

Many companies see the opportunity of a hybrid model that includes both internal sales representatives and outsourced sales teams to realizing their growth initiatives and uncovering new revenue streams.

When combined with internal sales, outsourced teams like Global Telecom Partners can be a complementary part of the broader sales organization.

First, an outsourced sales team generally has the experience, history, acceptance, and contacts in a local region. For example, because many of the products Global Telecom Partners sell are consumable, sometimes even commodity items, this allows GTP to revisit customers regularly, nurturing a strong relationship and building a pipeline to consistently grow sales. This structure, as opposed to a single sale approach, enables GTP to develop/maintain valuable relationships with customers as their trusted advisor, allows GTP to get products in front of more qualified prospects, with limited overlap between internal sales.

Often, the outsourced sales team brings a different perspective on how to approach customers and apply product synergies as they create a compelling value proposition.

When focusing on a new vertical an outsourced team already brings depth and breadth of experience selling to that vertical and can provide input and consultation on the best approaches, type of content and focus areas that will help generate interest.

Many direct sales representatives approach prospects as a “one-trick pony” having a single product line to offer. Outsourced sales organizations may often have an ecosystem of complementary products and a broader vision of the overall marketplace. This allows the outsourced team to apply products as part of a larger solution that brings more value to the potential customer and ultimately increased revenue. Global Telecom Partners has the breadth to attack select verticals with multiple product lines that complement each other to win business and achieve mutual goals.

Global Telecom Partners is uniquely positioned to help you enhance your existing sales organization. Our services can develop a market for your telecom product in North America with a clear process, milestones, and deliverables.

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