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The Role of a Manufacturer’s Rep in Telecommunications

We asked Ken Eldred, of Eldred Communications LLC, one of Global Telecom’s partners, to share his experiences as a Manufacturer’s representative.

Whether it is an initial meeting, a first call, or just chatting with someone on the road, I’m often asked how a Manufacturer’s Rep fits into targeting certain sectors or verticals and how we work with our industry partners.

I thought this might make an interesting post, so below are my thoughts and observations around effectively approaching target sectors and attacking verticals with industry partners. I think it’s a great read for anyone looking to partner or simply trying to understand the business.

First off, we are manufacturer’s representatives by trade. I can happily report we have represented product lines for many years, some for decades. Our role in the marketplace is often confused with distributors, dealers, wholesalers, jobbers, retailers, and all other types of “middlemen”. While that is not our role, I am proud to say we’ve had working experiences with all of the above and hold them in high regard.

We are contractually an extension of the manufacturer, considered to be a part of their team, and are genuinely enthused about raising the awareness level of their products and services for which we’re responsible.

A manufacturer’s reps, we generally engage with suspects, prospects, and of course legacy customers to provide avenues for them to see, hear and touch the features and benefits of what our manufacturers and service providers have to offer.

Aside from face-to-face sales calls and visits (which we thoroughly enjoy!) to key contacts or other stakeholders, our role also involves regularly attending trade shows in various sectors along with training symposiums, showcases, counter days at the distributor level, and other events focused on supporting our partners (Covid 19 notwithstanding of course)!

Our team is equipped with deep product knowledge and can provide impeccable support, with the help of our factories. We actively monitor changing trends in the markets we serve and interact with our principals regularly. This ensures we’re up to date on any new product or consequential changes that may impact our customer base, be that either a positive change or one that could require mitigation.

We strive to bring new, innovative products and services to our customers. This also benefits us through our complementary products, those that have a good “fit” and interact well with each other.

Some products at first glance may not appear complementary but show their true value as we develop our comfort level with clients as a trusted advisor to explore and probe for new requirements and applications. Once we engage an account, we work closely to identify and meet with the stakeholder who can most benefit from a particular product or service.

Our level of professional conduct and deep relationship building allows us to minimize, or eliminate barriers to entry and transcends to varying sectors including Telcos, MSO’s, Municipalities, Utilities, Broadcasters, Financials, and Data Centers, or anyone engaging in communications of any kind.

A friend of mine once told me “The harder I work, the luckier I get” …truer words were never spoken.

We work hard to penetrate target accounts with surgical precision, bringing products and services to their attention that make their jobs better, faster, easier, more cost-effective and rewarding wherever possible.

Our ability to offer a unique variety of products and services that deliver tangible benefits makes our lines complementary to a great degree, while still reflecting the diversity in our choice of partners!

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